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My first week with the Roomba 960 vacuum cleaner

Our home cleaning person retired. This was the final motivation to start additional robotics in our home.

The Roomba 960 was easy to install. remove two tabs, plug in the charging station. done.

The Roomba worked well on all types of floors: wooden and tiles and all of our carpets: thin, thick, wool, plastic, everywhere.

We have 100 square meters to clean and the roomba needs one charging cycle in between to finish, which is not a problem since the roomba finds its charging station and restarts automatically as soon as it has finished recharging. We set a schedule to clean every second day automatically.


The roomba recognized the stairs everywhere and avoided them.

Overall a very good performance

things to be aware of  are:

  • cables: cables on the floor will easily be eaten. just remove them
  • thin curtains that reach the floor: we have one thin curtain that reaches the floor. well, the roomba started eating the curtain. now we just pull it up when the roomba starts.
  • some voices say, black carpets will be avoided by the Roomba. We don´t have any so we cannot comment on this.
  • that´s it.
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